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Well you know how I love starting threads for all these games.

Just picked it up today. I am really enjoying it. I haven't gone too far into it yet but quite fun. I find a lot of the dialog and gameplay and storyline seem to remind me of Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis, which both of them I love!

Can't say much more yet, just wondering if anyone else played it and or going to get it. I assume those you have played it on the 360?
Awesome game, but then it's bioware so that is expected :D Enjoy!
Been playing it for a few days, great game. Later on the combat actually reminds me of Gears of War a little bit.
There is a lot to it, in terms of what you can control and change. I am no where near knowing everything that I can do. The menu is FULL of stuff. There is a lot of dialog, less battles, at least in the beginning, but that's alright because I seem to enjoy the story.


I must really like it. I was just playing it, I started playing around 8PMish, it's now 10.....hahaa
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bioware has that effect on people :)

start a game at 9am, 18 hours later when its dark and you notice you're hungry...

I have the 360 version and the pc version now. I must say they've tweaked the graphics on the pc version a touch.
That's good to hear, we at least get a little something extra for the wait lol
there's a bunch of stuff that makes it better than the 360 version. Bugs fixed, control's optimised, better inventory system ,etc. It's really been optimised for the pc's strengths :)
Fantastic...great framerate even when everything is maxed, and I was fortunate not to ever touch the Xbox game. The whole thing is shiny and new to me! Just barely started, but I'm already impressed.
bioware has that effect on people :)

start a game at 9am, 18 hours later when its dark and you notice you're hungry...

Have you spotted their latest project ? Sonic the hedgehog for the DS ! Crazy license but you just know its gonna be great :)
I dont have a ds :)

I'm wauting for dragon age :)

Get a DS they are great fun ;)

Did not know about Dragon Age, something else to look forward to!
I would of preferred it set in the forgotten realms fantasy setting, but that's just because I have read quite a lot of books set there so it's always nice when you play through an area you have read about :D
Still, it should be great :)

I just finished playing it some for, 3 hours straight lol. I am really far into the game now. There is so much crap that you can do it's amazing. Though I keep going in the direction of Paragon (i think thats it) and somehow get Renegade lol. They are about equal right now.
I am very surprised at how well the game runs, I can run it at 1920x1200 maxed out and maintain 40 - 60 fps. If I enable AA (2x - 8xCSAA) it drops by about half... so the game needs some AA optimization, but being a UE3 game, I doubt they will ever do it.
Yea I noticed that as well. Plays very amazingly.

I am about (as it says) 7H's into the game. I think I am almost at the end of the main story line quests/missions. So I am trying to get the rest done before hand. Though I find it hard to find where everything else is now. And there aren't too many tutorials/walkthroughs out there right now lol. Well most missions tell you where to go, but some of the smaller ones don't exactly be clear.

Anyways, still loving it. Plays well in every aspect. Online play...hmmm
it's a single player RPG, won't ever have online game play. Bioware don't really do online games. I think NWN was an exception.
it's a single player RPG, won't ever have online game play. Bioware don't really do online games. I think NWN was an exception.

I really hope that stays true because if the rumors for KOTOR 3 are true and it is an MMO I will be incredibly unhappy.

Back to topic though...I played through Mass Effect on the 360 and it was one of the best games I've played in a long time. I bought the Bring Down the Sky DLC and that was totally worth it. I'm going through a second time being a renegade and it is still fun the second time through.
Sorry, had to say this.

I just got my ass handed to me by the last big boss guy lol Kinda gets hard when your weapons overheat, and they wont cool down...


Just finished up the game, didn't end up getting to finish all the side quests but no matter, was fun and awesome. Going to play through another time, and finish everything. Also, just seen this video and noticed there was alot of scenes I didn't get in the game...must play again...
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Played this game on the 360. Great game although I probably would have prefered the PC controls. Still on my second run through ... and taking my time.

Does the PC version have achievements if you have an XBL account?

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