Marksman To Kill Pigeons

it's nice to know that stupidity is not the stranglehold of the USA:laugh:

Well I guess you have to have those starnge birds, too.:laugh:

Can't you just find a bunch of 12 tear old and give them slingshots?
I think the correct solution would be to hack the wings off as many pigeons as possible before joining them together to create one large wing.

My elder sister was held captive for nine days by a flock of rock pigeons on a small island near Malta in 1979 - it may have been Gozo but I'm not too sure. (Sorry about that.)

ROFL :laugh:
I heard about that, I also heard that the mayor was trying to cut down the number of pigeons in Trafalgur Square in London by banning feeding in one of the areas.

Problem is that people just fed the birds from outside the exclusion zone where the mayor had no control :)
Why kill the birds, they have a right to live just like we do?
Jeez how stupid. Just round up all the stray cats and put them in hte park to kill the pidgeons...
Hmm, I have been looking for an excuse to go on a shotgun shoot. Sounds like shooting dumb birds in a field... or is that fish in a barrel? ... oh well
I like the idea of catching them all in a big net. What to do afterwards, is beyond me, however the catching part sounds fun.
Pigeons are classed as a health and saftey risk by way of their "droppings" and the diseases they carry, which probably led to the particular decision to cull them.

However Birmingham has had a continual pigeon control program for as long as I've been working - I even made a website for one of the city council's contractors at one point. I don't see what the fuss is about.
My dad shoots pigeons, he used to make pigeon pie and make us eat it when we were kids. Was disgusting
Hammer could be interesting. Could just cook up a massive stew with 'em all too :D

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