"Mark as old" installed progs in start menu


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15 Jan 2002
OK so you install a new program and it puts a folder and about 5 links into the start menu. Then as soon as you open the start menu it tells you that you have new progs installed. Fine good, that's why I have the option enabled. But do I really have to click on every single one of the links in the folder to "mark them as old" or whatever? Isn't there an eaiser way?......

if you don't like then just turn it off...if you just installed the software..wouldn't you know that it was there...:)
I have the option enabled as there are other users on this computer and I like to be able to monitor the programs installed without having to bother remembering every single item in the start menu. It just becomes annoying when I have to go and click on every link there to shut it up.

you can just disable it, open start menu, then enable it :p ghetto fix, but works :)
As you said it shows me I've got some new progs, and so I disabled the alert, but as soon as I re-enable it, it still shows the old ones.
All I really want is for an easy way to reset it so that all installed progs are now known as "old" programs.

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