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"Mark as old" installed progs in start menu

OK so you install a new program and it puts a folder and about 5 links into the start menu. Then as soon as you open the start menu it tells you that you have new progs installed. Fine good, that's why I have the option enabled. But do I really have to click on every single one of the links in the folder to "mark them as old" or whatever? Isn't there an eaiser way?......

I have the option enabled as there are other users on this computer and I like to be able to monitor the programs installed without having to bother remembering every single item in the start menu. It just becomes annoying when I have to go and click on every link there to shut it up.

As you said it shows me I've got some new progs, and so I disabled the alert, but as soon as I re-enable it, it still shows the old ones.
All I really want is for an easy way to reset it so that all installed progs are now known as "old" programs.

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