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Mario Kart Wii


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Yeah, I got the Nintendo newsletter today and have been watching for the official announcement for a while now. Very excited about this one and will definitely be buying it the day it's released!


Act your wage.
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I found mine at Target, but it's hit and miss and you may have to check back daily to see if any came in.


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they used to have a link at slickdeals forum to check stock at circuit city. I was able to pick up three on three different occasions and kept one for myself and got one for my brother and one for my sister. I think they broke the link though, but I would check stock on saturday night and head in sunday morning at open...I was usually by myself or with three other people.


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Hehe that looks cool! Mario Kart never fails to bring a smile to my face, many fond memories of early morning multi-player madness with those games :)
i'ma just go to K-Mart the day of it's release... or maybe 2 days later (new movie releases at Blockbuster... which is like a minute away from K-Mart.... which is about 15 minutes from my house). Nobody goes there EVER. picked up a copy of Smash Bros from K-Mart i think the day after it's release... or maybe the day it was released... and they still had a couple copies left.


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Yes I would like to know as well. I see the weekend ads I go to the store claimning they have them, one big fat goose egg!!!! they say no stock.?? I am not paying 400+ on ebay for one. no way. I have my PS3 but I want a wii for the family

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