March 2010 Desktop Screenshots

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March 2010 Desktop Screenshots

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what side gadgets are you using?
Updated rainmeter skin.

My browser opens to the right and covers the "blank" area of the WP so it looks better than it may seem :D


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Give me a link to that rainmeter skin please, sazar?
Thanx, I already have the newest version. :)
Omnimo UI 1.01 for Rainmeter by =fediaFedia on deviantART

If you are already running Rainmeter, I HIGHLY recommend backing up your build/settings and then uninstalling it from your computer.

Then, install the latest build from the official site and run the .exe from the Omnimo build.

Customize from there, if you know what you are doing.

Amazing how popular Rainmeter has become the last 6 months or so. Some amazing stuff out there, I just wish I could customize them all easier.
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