March 2007 Signatures & Avatars

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21 Mar 2002
Do we still do these? Are they allowed?

Anyway, in case it's ok, here is the new scheme for my sig/avatar :) My copy of Vista was delivered today to I thought I'd have a Vista flavour for a while, I had that old Humphrey Bogart thing for soooo long!
Re: March 2007 - New sigs & avatars thread (?)

We do but in graphic design will shift it over.
It doesn't look like many people are interested in showing off their new sigs and avatars anymore... No wonder they stopped making these threads every month!!

I like your new set Ray, been with the same stuff for me for awhile now.

Kunal just changed his, so did Omar, they may post here.

Although Omar will be too scared due to the complaints he will get for replacing we he used to have :p
Kunal just changed his...
Here I am. :)

Feed ticker from my blog, powered by FeedBurner.
And a button linking to Microsoft's new "i'm initiative" (which everyone using Messenger should join, btw!).
I like your new set Ray

Thanks! I really felt a change was overdue. It's not dissimilar from yours really.

a button linking to Microsoft's new "i'm initiative" (which everyone using Messenger should join, btw!).

I just signed up, seems pretty cool! I had to lie and say I was from the US but it looks like it's working :)
I think she should take her shirt off.
Who is that girl, some celebrity or just a random chic?
Misa Campo. She's an import model from Montreal. Half Filipina, Half German. All god-sent eye candy :p

I thought we already had this discussion.
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This is my new sig for the month. Finally got rid of the GamersR.US one. I still need to make a new Avatar.
One of the chicks that are going to be in my future harem :p

Nice new sig ShepsCrook :)
Man she's hot, I "googled" her last night and there are so many nice pics out there :D
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