March 2007 Desktop Screenshots

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19 Apr 2002
March 2007 Desktop Screenshots

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ok here is mine


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My shiny blue desktop for March :)


VS is a modded LE5.1 with custom shellstyles and I'm using Rocketdock @ the bottom.
Also running CD Art Display for album art.
Nice start to the month guys. :)

Visual Style: Tiger by KoL
Wallpaper: Misa Campo by Grandmaster
Other: AveDesk, AveTunes

Click it for the big version.
Lot's of screen lovin' for Vista. Click it for more lovin'.

Lot's of screen lovin' for Vista. Click it for more lovin'.

There are impressive wallpapers, and then there's that. Quite phenomenal. I think you deserve some reps for that one!! Wow!
He doesn't deserve reps for being a real estate whore! :p
Don't hate the player, hate the game!
I love the player :D

And nice d'top.

I'll post my work/home stuff later this week I spose.

Hopefully my home system will have vista :D

Also trying to grab a 1950xt AGP version so if anyone is in the market for a decent x800xt AIW card in the next few weeks, lemme know. It'll be pretty cheap. Or if you need one Matt, I'll just give it to you.

Hooray for more folding :D
Saz, I have no need for it. Go make some money off it so you can buy me beer when I come to Austin.

Did Vista arrive safely today?
So...changed my wall a little...ohaaaa
gonna scream a little.....
gonna make some ****ING NOISE!!!!!!
oh yeah sorry, it is only friday...

Me for March.

touch me to see all of me
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