Manual uninstall of ATI MMC




I don't know what happened, but my ATI Multimedia Centre File Player is no longer responding. It actually says Language Pack not found, reinstall, whatever the hell that means...
Problem is, I tried to do a re-install, and MMC 7.2.00 (latest ver) won't let me. Tells me to uninstall another ver of MMC first. Tried to uninstall, and said "Error extracting support files"...

So what's a guy to do...

Can anyone give me a hand, and tell me perhaps what to uninstall manually so I can re-install this properly


I have no idea if this will work, but try going into Safe Mode signed in under the Administrator account and try installing it there.
Thanks for the quick response...

That is something I've already tried. As well as installing. I've also tried install a previous version (off the cd, to no avail)...I've tried uninstalling it with Cleansweep (useless)...I wonder what the hell the language packs are, and why it won't start without it...
I really don't know. Hopefully someone will jump on this that's had to deal with this before and found a fix.
Try going into the registry and delete anything associated with ATI (after you have uninstalled your video card), this will probably take awhile since there are alot of entries and they aren't easy to search for. Once you get rid of the registry entries just reboot and then you should be able to reinstall. The other option is to back up your data files, reformat and reinstall everything.
Hey JW50,

Thanks for the help. I found a copy of MMC 7.5, and overwrote the files without a problem. Whala, instant restore. Everything works again.
I'm pissed at ATI though. I wrote these guys for 3 days solid, and the only response was auto-generated. Now, what kind of customer service is that. I'm the manager for TSS for a company that makes billing software. I'd be out on my ass, if I, or the people that work for me, never got back to a customer in the first 24hrs.
Say a lot about ATI. I'm Canadian, but I'll be damned if I buy another crappy ATI product ever again. I'm going with Nividia next time.
ATI seems to take the position that their FAQs will solve all problems. I sent them a problem report about 2 weeks ago and initially just got a couple of automated responses saying to look that FAQs. Yesterday I actually got an e-mail from a real person at ATI providing some detailed instructions on a couple to things to do to try to fix the problem. I haven't had a chance to see if they will resolve the problem but at least they did finally respond.

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