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Manual IP config on LAN


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I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but whenever I manually configure an IP to my deskptop and laptop computers I cannot get them to communicate with each other. I can only get it to work if I have them automatically obtain an IP from the DHCP server.
Both machines are connected via a router (Linksys WRT54G).

Any help will be appreciated. :)

Also, one other question not related to the above problem. Can I set the DHCP server to distribute IPs starting 10.xxx.xxx. and ending 192.xxx.xxx. or must the first part of the IP be the same number (ie. 10.xxx 10.xxx)?



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Not quite sure why you want to keep one PC on a class A IP block and another on class C. Just make them both either 10.x or 192.x

When configuring them with static IP's make sure to specify the router's IP as the Default Gateway and then make sure you set each one on the same IP block and same subnet.

For example:
Laptop: IP Subnet: Gateway: <--this is whatever your router's ip address is)
Desktop: IP Subnet: Gateway: same as laptop

Try it and see if it works.

Also, what do you mean by "communicate with each other"? More specifically?


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Oh, if I wasn't clear in the first line -- even though I'm not sure why you would want them to have different IP blocks, even if you told me a good reason, it still won't work :) They are two different network id's and they won't see each other. =]


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fimchick said:
Also, what do you mean by "communicate with each other"? More specifically?
Cannot send/receive files to/from any of the two machines in manual IP config as opposed to an automatic IP obtained from the DHCP server. In other words, they can't see each other on the network.
uhm the subnet for 192.168.xxx.xxx is unless you have enough machines to warrant a class B subnet of 65,025 hosts....


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Something like this should work:

Desktop (Router IP)

Laptop (Router IP)
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My LAN config (if manual) would be:

Router IP:192.168.x.1

Desktop: 192.168.x.10 Laptop: 192.168.x.11
Sumask Submask:
Gateway 192.168.x.1 Gateway: 192.168.x.1

DNS Server: ?? (I put router IP)

Workgroups are the same and the two machines can see each other if in auto obtain IP from DHCP server, but they can't if configured manually.


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Might want to keep in mind that some routers, DLink for example, will proxy name servers if you simply put the routers lan ip in as the DNS number. However, some will not, Sonicwall for example. Name services will only work correctly with these if the client pc is assigned a DHCP address from the router, or the actual public ip address of the DNS server is configured manually on each client.
muzikool said:
Something like this should work:

Desktop (Router IP)

Laptop (Router IP)
No it won't. You put the IPs on a different subnet from the gateway (1 vs. 0). Bad idea. ;)
I’m having similar problem with a switch except the other way round it works manually (sometimes) but on automatic settings no network at all and very long boot times. How do I find the IP address of the switch?

LordOfLA said:
Our switches at coreix have IP's can ssh to them and all sorts :D
Yeah, but that's no desktop switches. :p Big switches (managable layer 2 or 3) have configuration, although the term "switch" is rather strange to use in these cases (at least for layer 3).

dave holbon: Good question. If it times out it either means that there's nothing there or it has a firewall that drops ping. If you use auto, do you even get an IP? I take it you don't have a router?
dave holbon said:
No, but can I telenet it?
You can't telnet something that doesn't have an IP. And why would you want to if there's nothing to configure?

If something indeed has that ip and, whatever it may be, has telnet configuration, then by all means, telnet away. :) But it won't be the switch.

What type of switch is it? Brand, model?

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