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i just downloaded mandrake and am very confused on the installation of programs. any websites that can help wqith this?


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RPM's are the easiest, just open a terminal and go the directory with the RPM. use this to install:

rpm -ivh FILE.rpm

and this to ipgrade:

rpm -uvh FILE.rpm

for binaries, you basically just unzip and they are installed.

Most programs have install instructions as README with them.

To unzip use:

tar xzvf FILE.rpm.tar.gz

source can cause problems with missing libraries, so unless you know what your doing and planning on recompiling its hard and unnecessary. , but the usual steps are

tar xvzf FILE
2) cd to the directory
3) Install
make install

I am very much a linux newbe, but these are the basics and work for me.
If you're compiling from source, also use "make clean" after you're done with "make install"
It cleans up temporary files that were created during the compiling process to save disk space. Also, don't delete the makefile after you're done. You'll need it in case you need to uninstall the app later.

Just little things to keep in mind when using a source-based distribution :)
Originally posted by j79zlr
rpm -ivh FILE.rpm
Which, 9 out of 10 times, doesn't work for me since there always some dependancy missing...
So I suggest you get hold of "apt-get" for RPM packages and use that since it takes care of everything for you. I love it. :)


thanks for the replys! i'm sure i'll figure this out eventually. also, is there anyway to change the resolution while in linux. i prefer 1024x760 but it set itself to 1280xsomething. thanks for any help you can give me.
Originally posted by NetRyder
You need to open the /etc/XF86Config in a text editor like Emacs and change the screen resolution in there.
I'm pretty sure you can change that in the GUI. There should be something in the Control Panel thingy (who's name I've forgotten atm).

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