Mandrake load from XP??



i wondering if i had xp in my hda1, and i want to install mandrake in my hdb6.... how can it be possible if i wan to load both os in xp bootloader??

i already edit the etc/lilo.conf....boot=hdb6. then dd if=/dev/hd6 bs=512 count=1 of=bootsect.lnx. i also had add the line for mandrake to load from xp bootloader....

but after that, it cant really go to mandrake.... when i choose mandrake from xp bootloader, it say error, insert system disk...(forgot oredi)... then it will return back to xp bootloader..... i'm wondering what is my prob..... i had try many times.....
Not possible! The only way around it would be to have a third party bootloader like Bootmagic from Powerquest, or System Commander. These will automatically detect any O/S on your system and give you a graphical menu asking which one you want to boot. What I do then is to cut the XP bootloader down to 0 (zero) seconds, and it's not seen anymore.

installed mandrake 9 about 3 days ago myself... got lilo (linux based bootloader I belive) to do it automatically during installation... as windows doest... and probably will never like linux's :)

there maybe a way to do it... but the quickest resolution to use a linux based program or even as mentioned above... something like Bootmagic...