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Mandrake Linux Boot Disk...

So i'm a tool, and while farting around in Mandrake i accidentally did the mcopy/bootsect.lnx thing on my boot floppy... i was trying to set up the dual boot thing using xp's bootloader....

so my problem is that i reformatted and created a new boot floppy from withing mandrake, but now it won't boot, so i can't get into mandrake anymore cause i didn't finish setting up xp's bootloader so i'm stuck, and would prefer not to have to reinstall mandrake as it is a fairly interactive setup...

will it work if i just copy someone elses bootdisk??? if so, can maybe a few (justincase one doesn't work) of you helpful cats post a copy of your bootdisk for me???
Boot off the first Mandrake CD and select the "upgrade" option. This will allow you to repair a damaged system without having to reinstall everything from scratch. You will be able to create a boot disk for Mandrake once the "upgrade" is completed.

well... it locked up during creation of the bootdisk, and doing the upgrade thing is pretty much the same as doing the whole install over again, so i used my xp cd to fixboot and fixmbr, yes... i did the unthinkable and installed the bootloader to my windows mbr... but know all is well, i cleared the linux partitions, reinstalled it, made a new bootdisk, copied the bootsect.lnx, and edited my boot.ini file, and all works well... yay... thanks for the help anyway...

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