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I was just wondering if anybody know if it is possible to set which users should have which programs accessible from the start menu (sorry for my bad english :D ), without having to mess arout with the programs folder for each user?

I'ts kind of annoying that every program I install with my super-user account messes up the start menu in all other users account.
Right click on the start button... 'explore' or 'open' all users. Just cut and paste the shortcuts to your account's start menu. I know that's what you wanted to avoid... but that's it... no easier way.
look in C:\Documents And Settings\All Users\Start Menu. Put whatever you want all users to see on their start menu in there.
There isn't a really easy way....just follow lonman's instructions
Sure it is, if you do what Lonman said you have to copy it for each user. The all users profile is shared by everyone and it is there for just this sort of thing.
You can disable the programs until they ask for it and then customize it according to their needs. I'm not sure if you would do this, but you can let them customize the programs for themselves.

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