man streaks at super bowl!


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I Tried searching for this online but couldnt find anything or nobody knows bout it! Well I stayed home from school today cause i was sick and i was watching that on air with ryan secrest or however u spell it and they showed a clip of a man running from the side lines dress as a ref to the middle of the field and took his clothes off and did a dance. It was a far away shot so thats way nobody knew about it. But some dude got a closer pic of the streaker from behind...i just wanted to see if anybody knew about this.


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Yeah, I saw what little bit that actually aired during the game. The man wanted attention, and the network made the right decision not to air footage of him since that's what he wanted. Most of the time the cameras shot close-ups of the players' and coaches' reactions. Apparently though, a middle-aged man ran on the field dressed as a ref, and then tore the clothes off until he was down to a thong. He had some website address written in black marker on his bare chest. One of the players ended up knocking him down and a crowd of security swarmed onto the field then carried him off. Now that's entertainment. :rolleyes:


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Evil Marge said:
Last time I saw a streaker was at a snooker tournament,you'd think that would be the last place you'd see one.
You gotta be careful to avoid the cues! :eek:


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kewl thing was while he was running to avoid the cops... a football player knocked him over...

was hilarious... :D


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The funniest one I ever saw was the one streaker at a NHL hockey game between the two Alberta teams. He jumped the boards and landed on the ice and started to run, in which he slipped and fell backwards and hit his head on the ice, which in turn knocked him out. There he lay, passed out, on the ice. All of a sudden, help and security was hard to come by.


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