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Man killed by US Sky Marshall


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Im sure you all have been listening, but a 44 year old man apprantley who was on medication, ran off a plane, yelling ha had a bomb in his carry-on.

THe Marshall commanded him to stop and get down, and of course hes dead now...

More idiots in the news...

That sucks, they were just following orders. Under their guidelines there is likely little room to use 'judgement' - perhaps something they should look at... but the procedure is likely safer the way it is.


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Well, as I am sure all of you have heard the man was bi-polar, and had not taken his medication, add to that, that him and his wife were fighting before this happened...

Its sad she lost her husband, but he definately could have survived if he had just listened to the Marshalls...


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If he's bi-polar and wasn't on his meds then his loving wife should have acted with better judgment and not taken him on the plane. I'm sure someone is going to argue with me about this. But she nor should anyone expect the government to assume responsibility for this incident. The marshals did their job and they acted appropriately.


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Okay the bi-polar bit I did not know as I didn't bother reading about this incident from any other news source than this thread. It complicates the case somewhat, but honestly what if this man did have a bomb on the plane? This guy acted in a very explicit manner when he was yelling "I have a bomb!"

Post 9/11 I don't think there could have been a different outcome to this situation...


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No they havent confirmed he was bi-polar, but they have confirmed he was on medication for something, apparently his wife was on the plane and was repeatedly herad saying hes not on his medication, while following after him...

In the end the Marshall did what his training asked of him...


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I don't see the need for a full blow discussion on this. The marshalls were trained to react and make judgement calls. They made a judgement call. Fortunately there was no bomb. If they just said "hey that man is crazy, let the dumbass be", and there was a bomb, what kind of discussion would we be having?


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This is a first. It seems that everyone agrees that the marshall's did their job. Everyone agrees that its too bad the guy is dead.

My only comment (and I hope it doesn't appear to be mean-spirited) is why the wife didn't make the man take his medications?


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I disagree. It's his own fault. Any idiot who has been diagnosed with a disorder and refuses to take his/her medications deserves any consequences from their actions (refuses and/or stops on purpose).


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Look I just think we all need to be slightly sensitive to his handicap... I wholeheartedly agree, he was an idiot for saying he had a bomb, not for NOT taking his medicine...

We have ALL been guilty at one time or another for not taking our medicine, andy of you who have taken a strong anti-biotic probably know what I mean, weeks after you feel better you are still required to take it...

Everyone knew this ould happen some day... no one is disagreeing the guy was a moron for yealling I have a bomb, and the wife could do nothing to convine authorites that he simply didnt take his medications, and they blew up their luggage...

This WHOLE situation was depressing....

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