Man bites dog

all because he was suspected of "dodging a cab fare" =P
i've heard all those from kansas city are a bit wierd :D
Could they add an animal abuse charge on top of that?
Come on now. Not all people from Kansas City are weird. You can hardly notice my twitch and it only happens when I'm nervous. The medication helps with the fits of rage and only has mild sexual side effects. But other than that, I think it happened on the Missouri side anyway. So even though it says Kansas City Star it happened in MISSOURI.

If you notice the dog in the picture still has both ears. I believe they could add assaulting a police officer to the charges too.
Well now this sucks! It did happen in Kansas City Missouri but the guy is from
Kansas City Kansas. :rolleyes:

Story from news and picture of the guy.


And No it's not ME.
Well what do you know, another Kansan. I just thought, hoped, the guy was a Missourian. The roads are terrible in Missouri, therefore, the people must be. All the potholes must be killing their brain cells. j/k

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