MAME32 problems in XP (sticky-keys settings)??



Hi there....last nite I upgraded my MAME32 to .57 and installed it on the new XP pro, the prog works fine and started my classic games (1942), half way through the first stage the control of my plane went crazy and took on a mind of its own, hmmm how strange!! so I switched off and started again, and yep same problem.

Lucky I have a dual boot option, and started it with Win 98...and guess what no problem!! games worked fine!.

I thought it may be hardware (ie arrow keys sticking?? but no luck as it worked in 98) Also, while on this topic I saw an option in XP (not sure where) in regards to "sticky keys settings" does anyone know what this is???

Anyway would love to get a second opinion from another person running MAME32 on XP???.

It's a compatibility issue with XP.

You could set it as if XP is 98 when playing this game.

Just right-click on the .exe, Compatibility, Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 98/ME.

Hopefully, it'll fix it...
As far as MAME32 goes, I haven't had any problems in XP yet. I've used versions .56-58, playing games with a Gravis GamePad Pro. I was having a problem with my controls being inverted...basically my D-Pad Up was D-Pad Down, etc. And I could not fix it for nothing. Then I tried another GamePad Pro and it worked fine.

Maybe try getting the .58 version and see if that works. BTW, just because I haven't had problems doesn't really mean anything, there could be some other kind of conflict/issue with your comp. Good Luck man!
I also have that sort of sticky arrow keys problem with MAME on XP (all MAME version used on XP, currently .57)... besides application compatibility mode makes no difference.
I don't know if this also happens to you but artwork in the right pane (game snaps) of MAME window displays only a grey box.
None of these problems occur while playing under both 98 and 2000 on the same machine.
I've had no problems using mame32 .57 on XPHome, although I'm using the arrow keys on MsPacman and have had no "stickyness".

My favourite game is Slap Fight - I played it in my younger days and could get over 2,000,000 - now I'm struggling to get past 100K - that's how the reactions fade with the passing years...

Tried all the above, but problem still remains! oh well guess will have to use 98, its starnge as a friend of mine has the exact same machine etc and has no problem running under xp???

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