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Malicious script detected?



Can someone maybe help me out? I have a 2 machine network setup with a Linksys bfsr41 router, I rebooted the client machine last night and lost my network connection.

While running the troubleshooter this Alert popped up...any body know what the hell this is or what I should do....I don't know much about networking...It was easy to set up initially but now I can't get it to work.


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NAV is protecting you from any VBS file that tries to launch. When you launch whatever program it may be, NAV sees that that program wants to run a VBS file and NAV is just making you aware of that. To authorize the script just select "Authorize this one time" or "Always authorize" (or something similar).

There should be no harm in running a VBS file if it is from a program you know and trust.


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The reason NAV does this is quite simply, a lot of viruses use VBS to launch themselves, NAV is just protecting you from that happening. Like I said, if it is a program you know and you made it launch, there is no harm in authorizing it. Using the 'always authorize' selection will tell NAV to remember that VBS script for good.

Anyone who uses the active desktop program launch (along with NAV) also runs into this problem, being that the code runs a VBS script.

Glad I could help. Take care.

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