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Making shared Server folders unavailable


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hey all,

I am trying to figure out how to make some server folders unavailable to the regular domain users, but be available to the admin users.

when I logon as a regular user at a workstation, I start->run->\\Server and all the folders come up, I would only one or two folders available for sharing.

I would like all of them available for the admin users logged on though.

Maybe a good tut on this would be much appreciated.




Overclocked Like A Mother
One of the folders is the iso's/license keys of all the software from the company

Someone can download this stuff onto thier desktop.

I don't really know how to setup the correct permissions for this to not happen.

The users are under "power Users" template in SBS2003 domain controller.


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right click on the folder - properties - security - add people/groups to deny or allow list, think its the same when sharing the folders


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Yeah, just take away read access for those who you don't want to see it. Nothing needed more than that :)

Would probably want to remove all default groups such as "Everyone", "Domain Users" and/or "Users" too - just leave the user group for those who need to access them.

Another useful tip is to create a hidden share by ending the name of a share with a $
eg \\server\licence_keys$
Although this won't modify security it will stop the share appearing when a user browses the network.

Dark Atheist

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but that only works as long as you have admin shares enabled right? what if the registry has been tweaked to not allow them ? one of the first things i do


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the '$' should work regardless of if admin shares are enabled or disabled. The reg hack to disable them just removes the default c$ (and/or d$/e$/etc) shares.

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