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Making Animation


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Hello everyone, this is my first time here, please take it easy

I have a question regarding making Animation

I used WebCam to make a small 5 sec AVI movie. I want to turn it to GIF animation,
Anyone has any idea what program can do it. Please let me know
thank oyou
123 avi to gif Converter. You select the AVI file, tell it how many frames to use (each, every 10th etc). click convert, then save the file.

The program is shareware at $29 but you will not be able to save the converted file until you buy a key. The program does not seem to be able to handle larger avi files it crashes with memory errors but worked fine on smaller ones.


This one is cheaper and can save the file but it sticks a notice across the saved file. It is not as user friendly as 123 though. But it does handle the larger files. Video-AVI-GIF/Jpeg Converter


Nothing free that I can find.
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