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Making an ISO: Program Needed.

I need some kind of program that will allow me to turn a CD rom into an ISO.

I looked around, couldn't find anything.

Any suggestions anyone?


i found cdrwin very good.
however the demo version only allows 1x recording speed which is pretty dumb. of course, there are other ways to get rid of that....


cdrwin is the standard in the world of release groups - bin/cue

almost anything you d/l will come in this format
Personally I would got with either ISO Buster or CloneCD

Then if you want to use the ISO on a virtual CD drive, then I would use daemon tools


Originally posted by Bootsy
i tend to differ, CDRwin is my favorite if you get the cd key (wink) after buying it of course.
Lol, getting a registerd copy or CDRWin is not going to make it run any better.

What does this program do ? It's great for making backups of games and software that dont have copy protection. But when it comes to backing up any of the newer software with TAGES, Safedisc, or Securom it just cant make a 1:1 copy. Though Alcohol 120% and CloneCD can :)

You might as well just use ISO Buster :)

CDRWin is a thing of the past


i dont use CDRwin myself for burning but its still whats used to make the ISO's that we all download ....most wouldnt think so but even the world of the pirate has rulez attached on how things are released ....rips are a different matter altogether

i find fireburner and nero meet all my burning needs at the moment

when you say 1:1 do you mean that it perfectly copies a game or app so no other means is need to use that piece of software??


Yes, I mean it can't make a perfect copy of any of the new protections.

Nero is good, but it can't read subchanel data. I would have to say CDRWin is better at making 1:1 images than Nero.
I find CloneCD the best for 1:1 exact copies, you just got to hope your drive is supported with the right features enabled.

I think Nero can read sub-channel data, just not as well or something, I am sure I have seen a tick box in there somewhere about sub channel data.


The best prog for making an ISO Image File is "Alcohol 120%", It makes the files as well as record them .. This prog will also make and burn every other Image File including:
  • CCD - Clone CD Images
  • Cue and Bins - Cdrwin Images
  • MDS - Media Discriptor Image Files
  • BWT - Blind Read Imaged

  • CDI - Diskjuggler Image Files

    ** It will also do DVD's
To get information go to the link below:
  • http://www.alcohol-software.com/
I used to use Cdrwin and Clone CD and but when I got this I dumped Them like a bad habit .. Soon they will be intigrating File burning into it, so Nero will be going out the window as well .. ;)

I mostly use winiso to edit an iso file ..

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