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Making a Vista Visual Style


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I never really learned how to make VS's in XP. Now with Vista, right now there are like 2 VS's for it, and there butt ugly.

I want to learn how to make one for Vista, I'd like to try and make a Vista version of Hmmxp. Where should I start? Is there certain software for vista?


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Seems like I'd this point you'd have to use ResHacker to manually edit the visual styles that come with Vista, like back in the day with XP.
Hehe yeah. The third-party VS scene for Vista hasn't quite taken off yet.

Luckily, I'm not bored of the default style just yet, even though I've been testing almost every released build of Vista since 2005. It would definitely be nice to see some new stuff though, especially from the masters, like KoL etc. :)


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KoL hasn't done much lately, he's been busy with life. I miss his wallpapers.

As for Vista styles, why bother? The default style is far better than Luna.


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I have always enjoyed new and different themes, now with the power of aero, i'd love to remake amazing XP themes into an aero type theme. It would sweet.


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I love Aero too at the moment.

Probably be a few months before I get bored of it enough.

Otoh, I've had much the same 2 themes or so rotating on my XP setup and my work system has had the same theme for almost 7 months :)
Thing with vista is you can re-tint the UI to any of the 4 billion colours windows supports so you're not short on colour choices :)

You are probably only limited if you have an LCD screen as these are capped at 16.7 million colours for 8bit panels and considerably less for 6-bit overdriven panels. Still plenty to choose from though :)


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I agree that Aero is much better than Luna was. I never changed from Luna, don't think I'll switch off Aero anytime soon either :)

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