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27 Dec 2001
I've got a .bin and .cue file of a video that I'd like to make into a VCD. What is the easiest way to do this? I've got VCDGear, but I don't know if I need to use that program or not. I'm unsure as to whether I need to convert the .bin into an mpeg or mpeg-2 before I can make a VCD from it. Thanks for the help.
convert the bin cue file to an iso and then make it a VCD with your burning software... I dont know VCD gear ... I know Nero. Sorry.
PK, I do have Nero. Can everything be done through that program?
whoops i spoke too soon... what version of Nero??
I have 5.5. Do I need the new 6.0 Ultra Edition?
k ... good luck. Remember we are in IRC for any quick answers you might need. :D
this is what you do go to load and load the cue....make sure that the cue and bin files have the same may have to change what files it is looking for but nero can load a cue the cue will tell nero how to burn the bin and there you have it...
Why don't you just load the bin/cue into cdrwin and let it burn. CDRWin is the native program for bin/cue.
Well, I loaded the .cue into Nero and it found the associated .bin file, so I burned it. From the looks of the directory structure on the disk, I have a VCD. Unfortunately my DVD player (stand-alone) won't read the disk. I can play it through WinDVD on the computer though, and it shows up as VCD 2.0 in the controls section of the app.

I'm pretty sure my stand-alone can handle the regular VCD format (1.1), but I'm not sure about SVCD. As far as VCD 2.0 goes, is this format compatible with many stand-alones?
what brand of dvd player is it...I have made vcds and played them in many different dvd players old and new...I have used Nero for all of them as well...
I have a Toshiba SD-2200. I did quite a bit of research and found that there are two specific CD-Rs that are supposed to work, and most all brands of CD-RWs. I'm going to try and find those and see if they work.
that's cool...the only problems I had with VCD's was an old sony dvd player...everything else worked back and let us know how it goes
Well, the first CD-RW I burned to worked! I'm still going to try and find the right CDRs because they will be cheaper overall, but at least I've had success with it. Thanks for the help everyone! :D
I use Maxell and Memorex CD-Rs for all my vcds and they all work great! WHat brands are you using
It's not as much the brand in general, as much as it is which brand works with which dvd player.
I used a Memorex CD-RW for the working VCD that I made. I read from some others who have my same DVD player that a very specific CD-R made by FujiFilm will work, and then possibly even the Circuit City brand ones (which was kind of surprising). Apparently the color of the underside needs to be silver (like a CD-RW) or blue for the DVD player to pick it up... it's very picky for some reason. I'm glad to know that it will play VCDs though, because for the longest time I didn't think it would.
dreamliner77 said:
It's not as much the brand in general, as much as it is which brand works with which dvd player.

Right. In my case, I apparently have to use very specific ones. These I have found out work for sure with my DVD player.

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