Making A Redhat Linuxbox Accessible Over The Internet Help Plz


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2 Feb 2004
Hello Everyone,

I am a newbie at Linux, i started using it at TAFE and i am quite interested in it and i have it on my home network setup so that when you type in its ip address or a in your web browser whateva you want will load up you can ftp to it etc but i was wondering what would i have to do to make it visible for me over the internet through a windows pc using internet connection sharing on the network? if this is at all possible?

If you need any more information feel free to ask or if you could point me in the right direction i would really appreciate that!

Oh yeh im running Redhat Linux 9
I'm not sure exactly how you have your network setup, but I'm assuming that your Linux computer is not directly connected to the internet (i.e. it connects via another PC or via a router). If this is the case, you will need to forward port 80 and port 21 to the IP address of your linux machine. You will then need to give the IP address of your router or ICS machine, NOT the IP address of the linux machine (your linux machine should have an IP address that looks something like 192.168.X.X, your ICS or router should have both an IP address of 192.168.X.X, and another IP address that is NOT 192.168.X.X. You need to give your domain the IP address that is NOT 192.168.X.X). Once you do that, your machine should be visible on the internet without any problems.
Hi Reg,

The Windows PC using ICS is at

The linuxbox is

How exactly would i do the port forwarding, and would you be able to be soo nice as to then tell me what to do as this bit is going over the top of my head lol, it might seem very easy to you but to me as much as i like linux it is just as much as a headache lol
yeah if you open Notepad and then open the file
and add a reference to your nix box in the format
lan_ip [tab] name_to_resolve_with

like [tab] redhat.localnet

then save the file and goto Start -> Run and type
ipconfig /flushdns

then you can resolve your redhat machine as for example "redhat.localnet" or whatever you called it.
also if you call it "" then you can setup things here like sig files which are at that address and they will resolve properly for you on your lan with the server running locally.

btw [tab] means press the TAB button on your keyboard ;)
ok thanks for that soo redhat.localnet ur goin on about is that localhost.localdomain or the things i had to put in the and .rev files such as bla bla bla
thanks for your help but no 1 on the internet can read it accept for me any ideas ehat else id have to do or if there is any tutorials for doin this from scratch for redhat 9 or similar?

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