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Making a new directory for Recycle Bin?



I guess you could call it that. Everyone knows that when you delete something, it goes to the recycle bin, then you empty the trash so it's not there anymore. Well how can I change the directory of the recycle bin, like let's say I delete something and it goes to the recycle bin, well I want it to go somewhere else like in a hidden folder. How would I accomplish that?


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Some Norton program has a setting for a recycle bin besides the xp one. If you forget about though it you will eventually fill your hard drive with rubbish.
The recycle bin is a system folder and to move or hide it you'll have to tamper with the regisitry a bit. You can remove the icon from the desktop using TweakUI. I found this article that talks about getting it back... I suppose you could follow it in reverse to hide it:


Another option is actually a two step process. Create a folder somewhere then go to your Documents and Settings folder/your username/'Send to' folder. In there create a shortcut to the folder you want to send this stuff to. When you right click on something select 'send to' instead of delete first and it will be copied to the folder you created the shortcut for, then you'll need to delete the original copy of what you sent and empty your recycle bin.

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