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Making a boot disk for winXP

Anyone know how to make a boot disk for win XP . I cant use the win 98 boot disk decause my drives are NTFS. I am posting this from linux !

The other day we had a storm and the power went out ! This file is missing or corrupt ( C:/windows/system32/config/system ) . If I can get scandsk to work I might beable to fix the problem without a re-install !

Thanks !
Hey SPeedY_B, I've slipstreamed SP1 into my Windows installation. Is that XP SP1 Pro just for the official Microsoft-made one? Which one should I use? I see the SP1 boot file is almost a year newer...


I may actually be insane.
I'm not really sure as Microsoft released 2 service packs, but the only difference was the Java Virtual Machine, so I think that you'll be safe to use the boot disk, as it's only loading drivers etc which doesn't relate to the JVM.
If you wan't a boot disk that is not for XP setup, Follow the instructions on this page: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;305595 and copy the CHKDSK.exe file from %windir%/system32 to the disk from another computer

(%windir% is a varaible for the diectory that Windows is installed like c:/winnt, c:/winxp and c:/windows for example)

Drive letters may be diffrent based on drive/partition/volume(dynamic disks only) configuration and setup. :D
Disk will boot to a Windows enviroment (If you want DOS, You had to stay with the FAT32 file system)
Thank you all for your help. But what I ended up doing is :

Booted up in linux. Then from linux I copied my files from my windows drives ( the data I wanted to save ) to a CD-RW.

Then I re-installed windows and got all the data I needed off the cd-rw.

Well good thing you have a second OS(And I'm suprized that's the OS I have been researching. Also, what distro are you using? I'm curious about that)
Mandrake 9.1

It can read ntfs drives but not write to them !

There are kernals out there to support writing to ntfs with linus but there not very stable!!



I hate to tell you but that is a corruption problem with XP. You can read here about how to fix it:


Those are 2 excellent XP related repair sites that will help you with that specific problem with your corrupted hive. You will need a bootable XP disk and not the setup disks. Let me know if you have any problems as I've fixed about 100 pc's doing this lol. Back up your stuff prior to doing this to be sure unless u don't care about the info.

Just to let you know the problem I WAS having is:

I did a fresh install of WIN XP. I then ran the uxtheme patch thing !

Mind you I I had not turned off the restart on blue screen of death thing ! So anyway, did the patch and restart. Well just as windows started to load I would see a blue screen for about 1/2 of a sec and then the puter would restart. Did the same if I tried to go into safe mode or any other option !

So the easy way out was to just re-install !

I keep all my data on a different drive anyway !



So I am reading through this thread and I'm still a little confused. I am trying to update the bios on my computer. To do so I've a program and the bios file on my hardrive(C:\). I made a bootdisk using explorer and was able to boot to dos ok. Then I tryed to switch to the c:\ drive to execute the program and update the bios but it says that drive C:\ is not accessable. I'm assuming this is because the floppy is FAT and the C drive is NTFS. Can anyone help me figure this out. I went to this page, Read NTFS boot disk , and I think this is what I need but I'm still not sure. Any help would be appreciated, I know the answer is in front of me but I just can't seem to wrap my brain around it:eek: . Thanks in advance...
Temperal, try copying the BIOS flash app, and the bin file or whatever format BIOS update
patch yo have onto the floppy. Then boot from the floppy and perform the upgrade from there.
No ntfs probs there m8 :)
beleave this or not, but I did a bios update from Windows before !

Click on run and then type cmd. Did it from there and it worked !

But this isnt something I would do again !

Anymore I just do it like Erbmaster said ! I copy the program and the bios file to my win98 boot disk and boot up with it and run it off of A:/ drive !!!



So I'm a little freaked out about doing the bios update from the floppy even though it makes sense. Anyone feel like it is not a good idea to do this? Just trying to make sure it is cool before I try it...:confused: (The only reason I tryed to run the program from my hardrive after booting from a floppy is because the motherboard website said to do it that way)

Thanks in advance

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