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Make web page fit on 1 page not 3


OSNN Senior Addict
Hey guys hows you all doing? Well I have a slight problem. When I print a webpage in IE it spans it on to 3 or so pages and makes it look rubbish. I've tried all sorts of things like making it landscape etc but seem to get no were.

I think I need to scale it or somthing but really unsure, does any of you know of a good app that's designed to print web pages or somthing? Thanks if you can help the printer I have is an Epson Styles C64.


- geek -
You want to print just the frontpage correct? I check my browser (mozilla) 'print preview' and it's all on 1 page.


OSNN Senior Addict
Yer i'm trying to redesign the page in Dreamweaver MX but it's going all funny I'm trying it in NetObjects Fusion now I think ill just draw it and if I got time ill redo it.

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