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Make Trade Fair


Boogie Nights...!
Oxfam's getting as many people as possible to sign a petition -
the big noise - to stop people getting ripped off in poor
countries due to unfair trade rules. Bono and Kofi Annan
are already supporters, along with thousands of other people
world-wide. They still need your support and that of your
friends, family and colleagues your to send a strong
message to our leaders that unfair trade is inexcusable.


It would be great is some of you could show your support.
I think everyone should sign this tbh... I bet if everyone wasnt so keen to buy their named tracksuits an football gear, the unfair trading abroad wouldnt take place so much - so cuz we all want the named stuff... try and help the people's lives who make the kit better by helping to stop the companies takin the p*ss

edit: and I bet the majority of us drink coffee too (i dont personally - tastes awful tbh)


Online petitions are worse than useless. They make it to easy for people to sign multiple times with differnet names, so the politians just ignore them.


Boogie Nights...!
Dave Holbon, i/we're not here to convince you. If you took the time to read the website maybe you wouldnt need to ask.

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
teddy, while you are right, dave doesn't need to be convinced by you...he can go to the website and decide from there.

however, he doesn't really want to voncince him so much as he is making a plaudable attempt to create a discussion on the issue.

this is nice

reading the page is informative, but it is one sided information

discussion is what he craves

me too


If we really wanted to irradicate (or at least marginalise) hunger and poverty all we would have to do is export capitalism to these countries.Socialism and communism is the prob.Socialist and dictators will never cede their power (addictive stuff,power).So they will never allow capitalism. Nice to see ya Perris!Did you make that av w/PS7? :)

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