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make desktop icons smaller?


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hold down the Ctrl key and use the scroll-wheel on your mouse. :)
Having the same issue with HUGE icons. I'm running Opty 185 x2 @ 3.2Ghz, same MB, 3 GB Corsair XMS DDR400, 2x Maxtor 200Gb, 512 Radeon x1650 Pro and 2x LG 19" LCDs. Screen res is 1280x1024 but icons are still huge. Tried your suggestion of holding down the Ctrl key and using the scroll wheel but it doesn't seem to be working. Am I missing something?


OSNN One Post Wonder
just right click on your desktop and select view > classic icons


I'd posted about this the other day as I've blogged about the subject but I guess OSNN don't like off site links :cry:


OSNN One Post Wonder
how do you do this in windows xp? i want to make the windows icons smaller and i also want to make the grid tighter (so i can fit more on the screen), is there a 3rd party applet that lets you do this? or a key in the registry that can be edited?

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