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My signature was suprisingly easy to make actually and as I have had a few requests I thoguht I would post how I did it! I'm no photoshop whizz :)

Firstly I grabbed afont called 'robokid' from - the lines that appear above are actually the equivelent of the capitals. So I opened photoshop onto a transparent background and typed my name in - in capitals. Saved for the web as 4.gif (in tha timage I also added admin in a differnt font with _ after it.

As I am a photoshop idiot, I then opened 4.gif into paintshop pro 7 and proceeded to remove the _ from admin and one line from those capitalisation 'thing' save as 3.gif ... revert to 4.gif remove 2 lines from the capitiliasion 'thinger'. save as 2.gif ... revert to 4.gif removed _ again then removed all the lines and saved as 1.gif

I now have my four frames. What I then did was made blue the transparency colour and made as much as I could of the background blue (this makes my letters remain white on any background)

I then inserted image 1 into animation shop, followed by 2,3 and 4. Set the frame properties to half a second I think told it to loop and thats it!

The great thing is, all the software I used is free, or at least has fully functional trila versions available

Paintshop Pro 7 -
Photoshop 7 -


Ok this has probably been asked a million times, but how do i put a pic in as my sig? do i have to upload it to a website then just put the address in or is there an easier way?


OK thanks, Is there a general size restriction?

OK so whats the trick to make a pic come up rather than a location of a pic? tryed <IMG SRC address > my html is very rusty i presume its something to do with that


grr ok, dont know why it doesnt work now, there is a pic there, will try again later tonight


OK i think i found the problem.

I saved it in photoshop, and told it to save as a jpg and it did, but when i right click on it and try to save it from the website it wants to save as a bitmap... never had this problem before

[edit] well just check through a few others and theres try to save as bmps aswell so thats not the problem. i have no idea why it doesnt work now


Ok well seems it doenst like it if the picture is on geocities moved it to some webspace on my ISP and worked straight away... thanks for all the help :)


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yeah Geocities will do that as they want you to put the pic in an html file so that they can add their advertisements

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