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make 300 dollars per day legit


High On Life!
how would u guys like to make up to 300 dollars per day?

well go to www.primebankltd.com and buy an e-card, when u do this you are joined into a tree like scatter plot, after that get two people to go under you in the scatter plot, and so on, the first thing u enter when u sign in with the pin number and serial number of the card is who reffered u to this, the first two people to do this will go under my branch and i am high in the tree not low so u will recieve money, (ask me for my account number and i will tell you so u can be under me) the rest will fall under the two that are under me, this is NOT a SCAM, this is a regiestered Bank and here is a couple of links that help u in trusting this site.

sorry if this is not allowed on the forums guys but its legal i checked. plz help me out, becuase if u help me out we all help out each other becuase i will put people under u.

Goverenment of uk

Faq's Of PrimeBank LTD


High On Life!
ohh i forgot to tell u that 300 dollars isnt the from the first day its after a couple of months and also u dont lose at all, if u want to drop out of the system u can take the peice of gold from them starting after u have been a member for 6 months and its more than you paid for the e-card, but the people under you still get their money and ure account is still there but u dont recieve commision anymore.


High On Life!
its up to u, currently i have no one under me so i have the two spots empty they might be filled soon, and then u will go under them, by the way you reffer as many people as u can not only two


Boogie Nights...!
Sounds dodgy. Banks (companies) dont pay people money for nothing....if only it was that easy! They would be outta business in weeks!


High On Life!
just check the site, they do make profit, they take 90% of the profit and give us (the peeps) 10% it says it in the faq well they send the checks every 2 weeks, so when i recieve my first check and am able to cash it i will tell you guys


High On Life!
ok no one believes me , i was very doubtfull also, but we will see, if i get the check i will scan it, and make it blurry so no one can see the info.
These kind of things are illegal in Holland. Only the person who is on (one of the) top(s) of the branch, makes some money. It looks attractive at first (I went to one of those evenings, like Tupperware Parties, but then about these kind of stuff), but you might end up bankrupt . Two of my friends have lost their lives (figure of speech ;) )with these games, they are still in dept, after two years....
Please don't fall in this ****, you might get lucky, but you'll have to be among the first who started the plot.


Political User
Ah, another bull**** scam site. Its not illegal anywhere i dont think, people fall for it them selves.

Anyways, i wouldnt sign up, unless i see that themafia has at least gotten back his 50 dollars he spent on joining.


High On Life!
well if you dont get the at least 50 dollars you get back a 5gram peice of gold, which is worth more, so its all good, but i hope i get the money, the dealer showed me the gold, i thought he gave it to me cuz i live out of egypt, so i put it in my pocket lol, but people wanted to see it my friends, then they asked how come people who live out get the gold, and then the guy was like im only showing him it, hahah i got pissed!:p

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