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Majour Cooling - I Need Some!

Hey All ive had heat problems for a while but as summers nearly fully here my Comp Temp is gona get even Higher i was wondering If theres an Amasing Cooling System Out there, Not water cooled and not something that requires me getting a new tower please, please help


From Ste_W

P.S Pic Attatched of Temps :cool:


Theres 3 Diff Temp Things in the pics showing the same temps so i believe them, n in my room i can feel the diff from wen the comp starts at 49 and goes to 67 within about n hr or so, n no the card and nothin in my system is overclocked.
Look at the numbers. The CPU cooler is fine. The problem is the case temp is through the roof. It should be in the 34-40 deg C range.

What is the room air temp? Your case will be 10-12 deg C above that with good cooling.

You need two inlet fans on the front pulling air in and an outlet fan in the rear exhausting air. Also the power supply has to have a decent fan in it to be the second exhaust fan.

If your case does not support these fans you need a new case period!

If your room ambient temp is too high you are screwed. It will drive the case temp which drives the CPU temp and there is nothing you can do about it (except vapor cycle coolers).

Tell us the room temp. and make sure your fans are all spinning and pointed the right direction. Also, blow out the power supply, fans and case interior if it is more than a year old.

The last item is air flow restrictions. Cheap small cases have ****ty small openings in the front and wide fan guards in the back. These must be opened up to let the fans pull the air through.

PS Pull off the side cover and point a table fan into the PC. See what the GPU and CPU temps are then.
Everything is Stock yea, no Fancy heat sink or anything, n my side cover is perspects (See through plastic) i have a main fan at the bk n one at the front of the computer, n yea both pointing Correct Ways, n i dont know Room Temp, but theres no air conditiong in here. its a big case as well, i think my Graphics card is main heat problem.


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for a first thing just take the side off the case and see what happens when its running, the innards should be the same temp as the general ambient temp then
maybe you mounted your cpu hsf wrong cuz those look like abnormal temps unless you live on the equator and have a computer case with no air vents whatsoever... try removing it and putting a bit of arctic silver 5 on there... and make sure you do everything right--- you should try this before you spend the big bucks modding your system ^_^
I took the side panel off and put my Room Fan on blowing into the Case , which is a 60 CM Wide Fan n it brought the temp down by bout 15Degree so from 70ish to 55 lol which is good but Still hot
CPU went down 10 i think it was, The Cpu is really Close to my FX5800 Ultra Tho which is so Damn Hot the Fan in 2D Mode does not alot of help really.

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