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Major XP problem



I have a major Windows XP problem. I was updating my older brother's laptop to Service Pack 1 and during the installation the laptop froze. And now the computer will not boot into windows. It boots far enough to show the Windows XP loading screen, but after that it just restarts and will keep doing that loop until you shut the computer off completely.

My question is, does anyone have any ideas about how to fix this, or is reformatting the system the only solution. He has files that he really needs. And if worse comes, I can just remove his hard drive get an adapter and hook it up to my machine to backup his files.

Is there anyway to create a disk that will automatically restore to a previous restore point?

Thanks for your time.

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Don't format just yet, as I think our very own Pseudokiller had a very similar problem and I am pretty sure he managed to run a system restore from the recovery console.. I will let him know about this thread and he will hopefully be able to help you!


well I fix you mind want to try before formatting is this Click Here It is a way to do a manual restore point. Believe me I had what sounds like the same problem. And this fix worked wonders. Give it a shot and also check out the othe suggestions in the thread they might help. Well good luck and let us know how it turns out.



Ok fellas... here is what I did:

My brother didn't know what the Administrator account password was, so we couldn't do what the aticle said to do. So what I ended up trying was just doing another installation of Windows XP on top of his current one just so that he could get his files off. And it worked perfectly.

But, thanks for your help. I really wish that I could have tried what the article suggested, but at least I got his computer working. So, thanks again.

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