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Major problem ( after case upgrade )


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First I've replaced my old noname case ( PSU = 350 W ) with an Antec 2650 BQE 350 W . I've installed all components in new case and started a tour
through windows xp applications & games . Problems started :
1 . While connecting to internet ( login ) system restars ( wierd with no error reported by windows )
2 . I've removed the case FAN ( which comes with case - 120 mm ) . Started Half Life 2 and before entering the loading point a wierd ( process stopped .. ) problem
occured .

I've decided to fomat and reinstall Windows XP with Service Pack 2 . I've format C ( with no problem ) and started the "common journey" for installing windows .
Before widows files ( after press F8 for agree and press ENTER to install windows XP ) are transfered to HDD system get's an error " System need to shut down
cause an error appeared ..
If it's the first time please restart pc and .. ( I've done for more than 3 times )
If you have installed new hardware remove and so on ..
I'm stucked cause I have no ideea what can be and what can I do in this moment . I simply cannot install now any windows xp . ( O. S ) . I'm sure someone can give
me a reason and a solution for my wierd problem . I still have the old case / psu but I cannot imagine if a PSU can cause such a problem . :cry: :cry:
Thanks a lot for your time and ideeas .


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Good grief Charlie Brown
Hey Cosmin. How's it going?? You not the computer. :D

Open the case & remove/unplug everything that you can. Now try installing XP & see if it goes all the way. If so put the hardware back one at a time till the problem occurs again.


Graphic Designer
I'm writing from my father's laptop ( only in the evening as you can see :cry: ) . I'll try that with assistance ( a friend of mine ) but do you know any memory & HDD testing applications ?

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