Major FPS loss when going to XP



Playing games like Unreal Tournament and Ghostrecon, I've noticed a big loss in Frames when going from Win2000 to WinXP Pro.

Athalon 850 Mhz
Geforce2MX 200
384 MB PC133 Ram

Previously I was picking up around 60-70 FPS in Unreal. Now its Avg. from the realtime timedemo at about 40.xx FPS.

Ghostrecon used to play very fluid and now its pretty jerky. Settings are all the same as they were from the previous OS.

Any tips or tweaks i could use??
I grabbed the Newest drivers i could find from the NVIDIA site about a week back.

Whats this refresh rate fix?
well... i checked my refresh rate, and i have it at 75htz

shouldnt i get something even close to 60fps then?

install the refresh rate fix .... and tell me what you get then
k i have to wait till i get off work in about an hour though
Goto advanced options and disable V-Sync, I have a GF2MX that runs at 99fps (pci)
I overclocked it with the program that comes with the latest drivers and use a BlueORB cooling fan/heatsink and SDRAM heatsinks.

Check out the tweaker over at or (bleh)
If you are using the Nvidia default drivers in XP remember that these are not the Nvidia detonator XP drivers and as such are considerably slower.

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