Mailwasher Pro New version

Neat, tho this would only work with a hotmail account I rarely use :)
Electronic Punk said:
Neat, tho this would only work with a hotmail account I rarely use :)

Do you have the registered version or just a 1 mail account unregistered.

I do have a beta version from a year ago before I bought the full version of pro that would still let me use as many accounts as I wanted to.

I would like to add though this application got rid of 99% junk, I would receive 2000 a week at least to my 3 main hotmail accounts now I rarely get any spam, it's a neat application and well worth the 9.99$ I paid for the key.
well in my experience with the app, it just couldn't deal with all the junk I was getting, with an account I no longer have.

The beauty of it was, that it would just download the headers, meaning a dial-up punk like me could quickly check mail etc.
Also saves your hotmail accounts becomming inactive and after 30 days being busted by M$, a gem.
any idea what this has over the other beta you posted?

the other beta is flawless for it
Nope, I think it's supposed to be a secret. I can't find diddly squat.
great little proggy

faster and more smooth then the free version which I was happy with before these links you've posted.

This beta is quicker than stable v3.4.0, I will trawl their site and see what Nick is changing.

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