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Ok. I am stuck with a confusing problem..
The place i work at has an externalserver that handles the email. But it gets lagged a lot so i got some complaints on it. So i setup an internal mail server but i am thining having an external mail server and internal will get confusing because they can't cross send. so i am left with a few options..

a) let the teachers use only the external server and deal with it.

b) let the teachers use the external server via web browser and internal server
via outlook.

c) both servers use outlook and wish for the best.

You have to put into consideration that This is a group of very in-experienced users so i am trying to think of the most painless way for them. I am gues it would be 'a' but i am not sure

any input would be great. I have


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could you not setup a forwarding internal mailserver, which sort of helps to deal with the outgoing load? Or perhaps use the external one for incoming and the internal one for outgoing?

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