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mail login problems.

Lycos. It just came back up at 6pm PST. Here was the message they had posted:

"Service Interruption Information
On Tuesday, September 2nd, we made an error that shutdown the database that stores the information displayed on Inbox pages of Lycos Mail. Since that time, we have been restoring the information on the database.

The service is now operable. All newly received email is being delivered immediately. Emails received during the service interruption are being processed in the order in which they were received, with the highest priority given to those that are most likely not to be spam. All affected email, regardless of their spam probability, should be delivered by Tuesday, September 9th.

The database is now as it was at 1pm PDT on Monday, September 1st, the time of the most recent system backup before the event that disabled the system. User preferences, drafts, and copies of emails sent between September 1 at 3pm and September 2 at 1pm PDT, have not been copied to the database. Emails that were received in this time period are being delivered again, so in some cases the email may appear in the next 2 days delayed or be duplicated.

Messages that you deleted on Monday or Tuesday will appear in your folder views, even though the emails were actually deleted. Clicking on one of these emails will result in a "Message Not Found" error (error NM005) displayed on the Read Mail page. There may also be occasional duplicate messages. You may delete these messages and the display will reflect your change. We will also be cleaning out these messages over the next week.

We are grateful that you have chosen Lycos Mail as your email provider. We are also extremely grateful for your patience and understanding during this service interruption. The magnitude of the files involved necessitated a lengthy recovery time, and we felt that the need to accurately recover all data gave us no alternative but to go through the extensive restoration process

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

- The Lycos Mail team ""


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