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Mail Bouncing Back


XP-erience Oldie

I use outlook, it will let me recieve my email with pop3 on all 3 of my accounts (with different providers) but when I try to send an email I think my router is bouncing it I get an email in my inbox saying:

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

Subject: RE: Advice on printer purchase
Sent: 21/04/2003 06:07 PM

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

'rachaelwebb@ntlworld.com' on 21/04/2003 06:07 PM 550 relaying to <rachaelwebb@ntlworld.com> prohibited by administrator

What is that??

It does it whatever account I try to send with, and its only since I had ADSL, so what ports does Outlook use to send? or what should I enable on my router?



if you have 3 different accounts then which one are you tryin to send thru (smtp0 If you are connected thru one provider and try to send thru another that is not allowed. Its called open relay and most ISP will not allow this as most spammers will use any open relay to send email.
Be sure you are sending thru the provider you are currently connected too.
You don't need to enable anything in the router except to not block the ports above. Since the error looks the way it does, the router isn't blocking.

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