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Mag Monitor


The Analog Kid
Hey all -

I just bought a MAG 986fs 19" monitor. Checked it out in the store and read alot of reviews on line. All things seemed good. Display in store looked awesome. Now I have it home and alot of the test seems to have some yellow shadowing and there seems to be some pixilation on grey tones. Think this is just poor monitor quality? Could it be my vid card going? I got this monitor because my last monitor was doing some weird things. Could I have just gotten one of those rare lemons?
Have you made sure that you fine tuned all your settings...and did your monitor come with a driver for windows so that it could have its specific color profile set?


The Analog Kid
I downloaded the latest driver and fine tuned it. I think I might have just gotten a bum monitor. Either that or my vid card is dying. That is only a year old though, and not overclocked. At epinions.com only 3 out of about 100 reviews were bad (They're problems seemed the same as mine).

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