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madmatt does it again



gonna get a new hd and install xp and set up his ad... cant wait for version 7... sweet


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Originally posted by madmatt
xsiv and Jewelzz are providing the after party.
I heard Jewelzz is baking cookies.
Party will be in my new place in June. Cookies will be baked just for matt :)
congrats matt, its not just us forums users who give you props for some sweet tutorials :)

/me pats matt on the back for making active desktop cool


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Thanks chrisuk.
I won't forget though, I would be nothing without you guys. You guys are the ones that make me continue doing it.
Yo, matt___ when is madmatt.net gonna go live again? I put a button on my site for it. I also made the D.Top front page news yesterday just so you know. :cool:


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oh thank you sir.
I am very close to finishing madmatt.net and I hope to have it online within the next few weeks (been working on NTFS stuff when I've had the time, meaning no time for my site).

What D.Top news thing? *puzzled*
These Active Desktops have to be one of the coolest uses of windows I've seen yet, and I don't know how anyone with some degree of technical expertise can see them and not be inspired.

In short, I gotta make me one of these :D Speaking of which, your tutorial is ecxellent Matt. It'd be so easy to just post piccies of your AD, but making a tutorial too is damn charitable of you. Thanks man.

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