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Machine hangs



Help guys, this is serious. I've tried everything but it still hangs.

When I am using my computer the screen suddely hangs. I could be surfing, playing or even once on startup. Everything freezes. I can't do nothing but restarting. What can be wrong? Sometimes the system works(I got to run 3D mark just now with a score of 1780).

I've tried removeing my SB128PCI card. I've installed the Nvidia 27.10 and now the 27.00 drivers.

I'm running
Win XP
Athlon 1600Xp
MSI Nvidia Gefoce 2MX
Nvidia 2700 drivers
MSI Turbo KT133A
Via 4in1 1.37(a)
Samsung DVD
Aopen HQ45
Unix network card
-Creative SB128PCI (took it out)

I hope you can help me! I'm desperate!

-faumachine :confused:


OSNN Senior Addict
Try checking the Event Viewer to see if that will give you any idea of what may be causing your system to lock up.

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