Machine bogs right down when Word opens


Overclocked Like A Mother
8 Jul 2002
Hey Guys,

I am baffled by this one. When clicking on word documents, the whole machine bogs right down. I tried the usual spyware, antivirus stuff. Nothing.

Machine is a workstation in an Office. The documents are not located on the fileserver but on the desktop of the workstation itself.

Machine is a Win2000Pro with Office 2000 on it.

I know it's pretty bare description, but at the moment, I don't know what else to describe.

Any ideas

Thanks in advance,

Is it when opening a saved word document, opening up a blank word document, or both?
Both, KC.

I will see if the original CD's are still laying in that office somewhere.

Macro virus? I would think that these wouldn't show up in any virus scan/anti-spyware program...

Just a thought
Another thing to do is to try and open Word in safe mode. Go to start, run and type "winword.exe /a" (no quotes)

If this opens fine, it may be something with the or something in the Office Startup
Do you have Norton AV? My work PC lags for a few seconds when I open word because of the antivirus plugin.
Nortons has been removed from this machine, but it was in there at one point.

I will try that KC. Word in safe mode.

Macro virus? how would I check for that?

Thanks for all your responses.

Well when you launch Word in Safe Mode, Macros/Plugins don't load.

That's a good starting point, we can see what happens.

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