No idea what this is. I assume you have an invite?
I sure do :D
MacHeist is an event for Mac users who are addicted to great software. The event centers around the safe. Each week, you will undergo a heist, and on completion, receive a combo code to unlock the safe. The reward? Free, cool apps, and money off the final week's bundle.

We're not saying what's in the bundle yet. But, frankly, it's the best Mac software bundle that's ever been put together, and if you participate in the weekly heists, you'll be able to grab it for a rather ridiculous price.

Stay tuned for a briefing on your first heist, which will begin on November 8th. In the meantime, we encourage you to tell us what you'd like to see in the forums. Enjoy!
It seems that users already auto-invited will be given invites to pass on (Gmail style) in the coming days/weeks. :)



Zing! I've got some invites, if you want one, PM me your e-mail address :)
Thanks! ;)

Did you send Hubert an email?
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Well I've been given a few more invites, so again, if anyone wants in, PM me :D
is the first one out yet? i'm at the data centre all day today
Nope. There's a small teaser of things to come though on the "boom" page.

It's "encrypted" text, use ROT47 and ROT13 to decrypt it into a memo from someone called "lisa" who gives you a link some free shareware (a dashboard widget).

My name is Lisa, and I've been tasked as your mission handler. The directorate has just sent me materials for the first heist, and I have to say, giving these a first look through, you'll be enjoying this. (Oh, and sorry about encrypting this message. They requested I do this as this memo has some sensitive information on your next heist.)

Since this is your first heist coming up, I've been instructed to give you some assurance that this'll go fine. Honestly, I can't really give that to you comfortably. There are risks involved. But as long as you follow my instructions on Wednesday to the letter, you should do well, and of course, enjoy your rewards. (I still remember opening the vault for the first time.)

We'll be working with some friends for the first heist. You probably know of them. They're very excited to meet the new members, and you'll be introduced on Wednesday.

As some of you have already noted, there is a lot of stuff going on in the site. Not necessarily visible, but the directorate prefers leaking out some information occasionally through unusual channels. To keep track of this, I've been instructed to give you an unlocked copy of Notepad.

Enjoy, and I'll be seeing you soon!

- Lisa
Yeah I've seen that already, took me a bit to get it right, but was thinking "go romans" when I looked at it

w00 kittens. I have three invites

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