Macfee MSN virus tabs


From what I can tell, its part of the 'tools/show tabs/ alerts. I'm not really sure though.
(I edited this because I suggested something else that was wrong.)


Meh, I don't see how to do it there either. Only thing I can think of is to subscribe to one the virus alert with you hotmail and it will show up there when you get a new email. Sorry for the confusion and the inability to help.


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If I understand your question correctly just open up Messenger, click on Tools, Show Tabs, It will show the tab in Messenger, if you click on the tab it will open Mcafee Security Center in Messenger. Down at the bottom it has a link to Add Security Alert. Click on the link and it will take you to a web page where you can sign up for the alerts.


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Krom, this is from the messenger help file:

What is a tab?

A tab allows you to quickly check information that is important to you—the arrival of new e-mail, stock prices, today's calendar. The list of possibilities will grow over time
as new content providers become available.
The tabs appear as images in the background along the left side of the MSN Messenger window. Clicking the image brings it to the foreground, opening the tab and its
Since the content of the tabs is provided by someone other than MSN Messenger, you will typically go to the content provider's Web site to request the information and any
help you need. Just click the tab and follow the directions provided there for modifying the information on that tab.
If you do not see tabs along the left side of the main window, go to the Tools menu, point to Show Tabs, and make sure that the ones you want to appear are checked.
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Dont know if this will help you or not, was just one of the tabs that was there when I clicked on the Show Tabs.


Ive got tabs and the latest and greatest MSN messenger

Net alerts
MSN money

Just not the MAcfee ones ... i have heard a rumor that only certain countries get these Macfee tabs ?


bah, here in Canada, at least where I am, I only get access to two alerts, Calendar and Money.

In the link to the alerts site in my address bar, it showed at the end: =CA I changed it to US and showed all of the alerts.

You can try adding the mcafee alert by trying this website


Nice find Krom .... i have also been trying to get those tabs ....

And now i have them :)

Muchos Gracias


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