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MacBook with Parallels running Vista


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I got Parallels and RC2 of Windows Vista and just finished installing both on my MacBook. I decided to do this so I can check IE compatibility with my websites without having to go to a PC.

The Windows installation was pretty straightforward and I've been messing with it for about a half-hour now. The MacBook has 1GB of RAM, and the performance is pretty good considering that the memory is split in half for both operating systems when I've got Vista running.

You can run Windows in its own window on the desktop, or switch to full-screen mode if you like. This looks to be a pretty awesome deal for Intel Mac owners that still need access to Windows at times. Running Parallels is definitely more convenient than doing the same thing with BootCamp and having to restart each time you want to load a different OS.


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Wow, I will definitely play with Coherence mode -- that will be incredible if it really works as advertised. Do you use it as well?

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