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Mac With 150 Apps Running Shows Teeny-Weeny Dock, Exposé Windows

Dark Atheist

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Ever wondered what Mac Dock and Exposé look like with 150 apps running? Well, wonder no more, friend. Wonder no more. Rest assured, however, everything gets ludicrously tiny. Now, we're not too sure who'd be using 150 apps simultaneously, except for maybe that dude at the end of The Matrix who manages to confuse the crap out of everyone. Damn, he sure was crazy. Anyway, the sight is quite impressive nonetheless, so jump in for a screen shot.




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Oddly, I have 59 running right now as well. No biggie. I don't understand the big deal, I could open hundreds of low memory applications and my process count would be..... hundreds.


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At work with all my parts books open, five client access sessions, one interface manager handling all communications to and from our main vendors for all locations, Windows media player, acrobat, word, outlook, and numerous other tools... 100+ *.exe's running. No big deal.

Here at home I am moving 14 1.2Gb zip files while performing multiple backups, steam, my pics, docs, music, other crap. No problem.

Perris Calderon

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I think everyone knows I'm not a big proponent of vista but I am not understanding why this "opening apps at the same time" is a big deal on that mac fan boy site


vista doing the same thing

what you really want to see is how fast switching to an idle process takes, having most of the exe paged (or swapped) back to the exe files and the pagefile of the hardrive makes the entire episode of launching apps just an experiment

the only time having an app launched speeds you up is if some of the working set is still in memory so when you go back to it you don't have to wait for memory to populate from the hardrive

if the entire working set is on the hardrive you aren't doing anything by having the app running
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