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Mac OS9 emulator for PC


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
:eek: I think I am going nuts - I know I found a link for this, even emailed it to someone. The site was pretty specifically dedicated to emulating Mac up to OS9 on a PC platform, and maybe also a few others. I think the site name featured a variation on emulators as part of it.... yet I cannot seem to Google it up no matter what I try!

BTW I am not looking for Basilisk II - this was something more recent. I do remember they offered it freeware as download but you could spend around $50 for a documented CD version.... so it must have been a USA site (yeah that helps :rolleyes: )

Someone out there must know the site I found and have now lost (Speedy?)


I may actually be insane.
To my knowledge, no such thing exists, if it did, it would probably just be bitch-slapped off the internet by Apple.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
SPeedY_B said:
To my knowledge, no such thing exists, if it did, it would probably just be bitch-slapped off the internet by Apple.
Maybe that is what happened? :confused: I really truly did find it and it did look for real - going to have to contact the person I emailed and get the link sent back, then I'll post it up here ;)
There is no emulator that can run OS 9.
Basilisk II is a 68k emulator that runs upto OS 8.1. SheepShaver for Linux is more recent, and it can emulate the PowerPC platform to run upto OS 8.6, but that's about it.

Besides, you really don't want to run any Mac OS prior to OS X. They're as ugly as Windows 3.1
SPeedY_B said:
They're actually (virtually) identical to OSX but in grey and minus the dock.
Good God. You're joking right?

Apart from the obvious UI/eye-candy changes, Mac OS X was a tremendous leap ahead from OS 9. They aren't even close to being identical. OS 9 had no journaling file system, no protected memory or pre-emptive multitasking support, no hardware acceleration...and I could go on endlessly. Not to mention the fact that OS X was the first operating system from Apple that's based on Darwin (UNIX), which makes a huge difference in and of itself.
What about Quartz Extreme? That's still a huge change on the visual side of things. Half of the UI stuff that OS X can do wouldn't be possible without it.
But hey, Aqua and the dock are still cool.
Dunno about you, but I think this is pretty damn ugly. Not something I'd take the trouble to emulate.

But yeah, it's a relative thing, I suppose.


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OS 9 was a disaster. The thing crashed constantly, and didn't even support true multitasking. When I heard that Mac OS' lack of multitasking was a software, not a hardware issue, I did a nice :rolleyes: .

OS X is much much better both in terms of visuals and in terms of performance.



Random Apple Dude
I love OS 9 as much as I love OS X, and when I use OS 9 ( yup, I'm a sentimental fool and still have a working iBook copy of OS 9.2) I have no problems with it... hell, sometimes I even like the OS GUI slightly better than OSX's ....

but thats proberbally me just staying true to what I know as Apple Macintosh ... me hopes you get what I mean ;) :p

edit/// Oh yeah, and I've had two... maybes three problem with OS 9 freezing on me in the 7 years I've been a Mac user :)

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