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Mac or PC?...

In general which is best?
...or does it depend on what you are using a computer for?...for instance my friend is thinking of getting a Mac as he has heard they are better for audio production...is this true?
Are Macs quicker and more stable than a PC?...Would like some feedback from Mac users on this if possible.

Many thanks from Colin. :)


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Macs used to be best for Audio, now I'd say that the Margin is very slim, I've produced on AMD machines just fine, at the end of the day it's simply a preference. However, I will say that many studios will still contain macs due to the performance, and that I prefer to work on them.

There isn't one thats better than the other, if your friend wants a mac, he should get one, if he decides against it, there's plenty of machines to choose from :)


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what is your friend intending to do with the machine?

audio reproduction on both systems is perfectly good if you have the appropriate hardware... good hardware costs money unfortunately but it does depend on what his requirements are...

the apple platform is better for basic publishing and editing work wrt text/video I would say just because of the software and the hardware capabilities...

pc's OTOH are able to do the same work reasonably well and have the added benefit of wider compatability and flexibility (thought this is not necessarily a requirement or a need)
Hi Sazar...Thanks for the reply...he's not a professional musician or anything-he uses a program called Traktor DJ Studio 2 to produce dance mixes on CD, and is looking to DJ'ing live with this software in the future. He has some issues with his final mixes and was wondering if a Mac would produce better finished results for him.

Thanks also to SPeedY_B for the reply-appreciated :)


I may actually be insane.
Tell him to get a real pair of decks! I'm not even sure that Traktor is available for the mac anyway (it may be, never looked into it :))

I own a Mac, so I'm bound to be a bit bias towards them, but for something just like Traktor, you may aswell just get a decent (and very expensive) sound card which will probably help... that's provided the cpu/mem are capable and can be ruled out as causing any problems.

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