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Mac Monitor on a PC?


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Our new graphics designer got a fully loaded PC. Brand new everything, biggest fasted CPU/graphics cards. The whole deal. The old Mac we had in there is going away, we just don't know where or when. The Monitor is still amazing though, and I might "acquire" it if it will work with my PC. The crappy picture is from my cell phone, it looks like a DVI connector but the pins seem slightly elongated and set at an angle. Maybe that's how DVI always is, and I've just never looked close enough to be sure. Either that or its some crazy Mac only design and it won't work on my PC. At any rate, if someone could tell me what it is, if it will work as is or if I'll need an adapter (assuming there is such a thing) I'd be grateful.




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AFAIK it should work. The thing that I typically hear is there is limited functionality and there may be a reduction in what you can change (settings) on the display compared to what you can do on a mac system.

I would do some more research because I am not 100% sure.


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That is an ADC plug and Apple doesn't use it anymore. You can buy an ADC to DVI adapter and the monitor should work just fine.


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Bull**** in what respect? Why more? What else is "Apple Bull****" as you put it? It is actually quite ingenious and is way better than what they have now (USB, Speakers and DVI) which is a lot of cable clutter. ADC moved that all into one plug. When I first saw ADC I had hoped more manufacturers would pick up on it, as it actually made sense. Unfortunately it had some design flaws, about not being able to push enough milliwatts through the wires without causing cross talk.


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A expensive proprietary design that is flawed. Apple.

Kinda like I feel about HDMI, but it is only my feelings, and my thoughts. So take it or leave it.


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OK, I give apple some reps for jumping ship after screwing customers, kinda like MS deserves credit for windows ME.

I had to just download more software to convert my apple music, to non-DRM and manually edit my registry to remove the filter drivers, and then delete the files, reboot and finish by mopping up the mess itunes made.

For giving me something to do for the past hour I give ass, err I mean apple credit.


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Can we please keep threads on topic, or you'll be kicked in the arse!

As mentioned the connector is an ADC, Apple Display Connector, a good idea, but recently abandoned with the arrival of the alu-displays which utilise DVI. The connector was originally designed to carry Power, Video and USB over one cable, I have one of these Apple Displays, and it looked great when set-up with my PowerMac G4, very clutter free.

However as Apple knew people wanted to use their existing monitors to save cost when switching over, they switched their machines over to DVI, which made the Apple Displays worthless without the Apple DVI to ADC adapter. It's a (rather large, in my opinion) box which takes the ADC cable and a power cable, then plugs into your computers DVI and a USB sockets (Note, the display only offers USB 1, enough for the keyboard/mouse combo it's usually used for though.) I have one of these devices hooked up to my Mac Mini, and have also used it on Windows Machines.

Sazar is correct in stating that there is some functionality lost, the Apple displays featured two touch-sensitive buttons, these no longer work when hooking it up to a Windows driven machine.

failurbydesign, unfortunately, that's the wrong type of connector, that's for plugging a DVI monitor into an old mac which sports an ADC connector/card.


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Ohhh, please kick me!!!! :D

If it was more widely embraces it seems like a good idea. I do hate all the cableing mess behind my desk. Looks like **** and anytime you need to move any component it is a huge hassle. Older monitors for Win95 and 98 from certain vendors had the power, audio, and a few ports on the side also.


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I can't wait for displayport to come out.

I am thinking that now I have my xbox, I might wait for a year or so before my next upgrade on my PC. Gives me time to wait for Nehalem and AMD's Phenom :smoker: And since the new graphics cards will be display port, I can upgrade to a 2560x1600 type big-ass display so I can play solitaire from my neighbors house.

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